Coaching for a Modern Day


“I find joy in each day as I share my unique personal journey with my clients, communicating a message of hope, education, and transformation. And I am blessed to coach women to becoming their best selves.”

Coach Winnie

“I empower professional women to break through barriers and stigmas, and experience the lifestyle they desire.”

A Modern-Day Woman is a Professional Woman who lives in the now and is competent, confident and highly credible.

She is persistent and determined to discover and connect with her true self.

She really knows her vision and decides to make her dreams a reality despite her challenging circumstances.

Welcome to Perception Matters Coaching!

My Modern-Day woman clients are ready to:

  • Design a lifestyle with a total passion for living
  • Increase knowledge to accomplish goals in life
  • Tackle personal and professional challenges, quickly and effectively
  • Maintain measurable and achievable success
  • Create and enjoy life

One-on-One Life Coaching

One-on-One Life Coaching assists individuals who desire to overcome and break through cultural challenges, setbacks, and struggles, as they commit to achieving success…


Coaching is a powerful process where individuals create a working relationship together in order to identify and define goals.