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Enthusiastic & Passionate

Winnie’s enthusiasm and passion for life is contagious. She truly embraces the value of coaching – receiving and giving. With her loving heart, respect for others and generosity of spirit she is a coach that I would be thrilled to have by my side!

Meredith A. Titus, PhD
Beacon of Change

Outstanding Leadership

Winnie made deposits into my life that cannot be quantified. She is a true force to be reckoned with! I have definitely benefited from her teachings. I am thankful for her leadership of so many years.

Precious Quire-McCloud

Breaking Through

Winnie helped me to experience some major breakthroughs that literal changed my life forever; part of which is becoming a Certified Life Coach with Compass! She taught me to expect the best! I had achieved my childhood goals and dream and felt very successful working with kids in my Day Care program but inside I desired much for my life. One of which was to be position myself with other modern day successful professional women.. Winnie encouraged me to prioritize my life by providing me with strategies which helped me figure out my heart’s desire and together we developed a clear action plans, proven steps to accomplish my goals, and techniques to show me how to keep myself on track. Winnie and I talked about a wide range of issues including defining my life’s purpose, career transition, health management, wealth development, and Life balance. I thank God for bringing Success Coach, Winnie into my life and I have become a Certified Life Coach as well.

Crystal Pearson
Certified Compass Coach

Overcoming Obstacles

It had been a life changing experience working with Winnie when I was experiencing parenting issues and was unsure of the path to take in dealing with the situation. In a time of my crisis Coach Winnie encouraged me to stay focused, giving support and she inspired me to continue to achieve through those challenging moments of my life. She helped me to renew my inner strength.

AWEH HARE(Winston Salem, NC)
Business Owner

A Remarkable Individual

I have known Winifred in several roles. First, as a coach, and secondly as business partner. Winifred is a committed learner. She studies tirelessly books for her professional as well as for her own personal growth. She has amassed an incredible library of books and CDs of top authors in the personal growth and counseling fields. She attends events where she learns about different facets of life.

Winifred has proven to all of us who know her she has a tireless spirit, and an amazing aptitude for change. She has overcome personal adversity, to raise her son alone. She reaches out to others from foreign countries and is not intimidated by leaders and achievers that she meets personally.

Ana Tampana
Speaker & Author

Breaking Boundaries

What I love about Winnie’s coaching is that, she is honest in sharing her learning experiences and because she was trained in the United States, raised in Liberia she is acutely sensitive to cultural differences and her enthusiasm is contagious. Before working Winnie I had issues with healthy boundaries and expressing my desires to the point where I sabotaged myself by pleasing others so I can be accepted. With Winnie’s help my life has improved in everyway-work and in my relationships.

Bonita Smith