Welcome back! Though I have been away, our work continues. Going forward, I want us to focus on reclaiming your personal power to change the quality of your life. Having your personal power is the ultimate choice of improving your life. Like some of you, I know what it is like to be in an unhappy marriage, feeling unappreciated, with people on the outside thinking you are happily married. You deserve happiness and I am here to help you discover how to reclaim your personal power. Key to this happiness is what you intend and truly want for yourself.

Your intentions are the ultimate choice of improving your life. Not being truthful about your intention in any given situation can lead to unpleasant experiences. Not telling the complete truth, by not asking for what you want, can build an emotional wall. Intentions are powerful because it tells others where our goals are heading. It is our purpose. Intentions are our motive that helps us to achieve our objectives.

To achieve your goals and discover your wants you can consider the three steps:

  • Acknowledge your reality and pay attention to the fact that your happiness is in jeopardy. Determine to live your truth, learn about you, decide what you want and move ahead. Take action to develop healthier thoughts, habits, and behaviors that guide you to success. Discover you and what options you have available.
  • Check your options to find a way to better your situation. What gets in you way or stops you from feeling powerful in your relationship? Discover what you want to do, set up strategies to achieve your goals. Take action and move ahead.
  • Access your interests and strengths within. To access your strengths, test your abilities and skills. What can you do best? How can you use your skills and abilities to improve your personal life? Once you decide what you want, write a plan, set goals and take action. Use your skills to make the shift by assessing your interests and strengths within. Do not live for others; rather learn to live for yourself. If required, get some education, be informed, identify your assets and use them to your advantage. Always follow through with your plans. Never give up and demand result!

Now, what are you willing to do to reclaim your power?


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